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Handbook for ISM Audit 11TH Edition

We aim in this handbook to provide DOC holders companies for complying with ISM requirements, where all possible detected deviations from the proper implementation, can be treated smoothly and effectively, this handbook is covering the below areas;

(a) Statutory and Class Certificate, and the statutory and survey records of at least one ship of each ship type covered by the SMS.

(b) Activities related to SMS have been operated in conformity with the Company SMS, as well as the requirements of conventions such as the ISM Code, SOLAS. STCW and Flag requirements, through examination of the controlled records.

(c) In the case of a Company, which manages ship(s) manned with multi -national crew. how the Company is checking the language skills of the crew and their communication abilities.

(d) Understanding and implementation of the Company’s SMS by Designated Person(s) and the Manager of each Department/Section related to the SMS shall be verified through interview.

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Handbook for ISM Audit 11TH Edition