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It is the aim of PMS Class to do the best to manage the OSH risks faced by its employees and to positively influence the safety performance of the maritime shipping industry.

PSClass is committed to:

  1. Raising, discussing and proposing effective control measures to mitigate the OSH risks faced by clients and reported by class surveyors.
  2. Complying with applicable health and safety legislation.
  3. Providing adequate training to its employees & surveyors.
  4. Providing adequate resources (e.g. time, Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), safe systems of work) to allow the aspects of work that they control to be undertaken safely.
  5. Requiring that adequate resources are provided by Clients and other work site controllers to allow work to be undertaken safely.
  6. Giving its employees & surveyors the right and responsibility to refuse to conduct work they consider to present an unacceptable risk until it is safe to do so.
  7. Recognizing, adopting, developing and promoting best practices within the industry.

These all commitments  will be reviewed by the Head Office regularly in order to ensure that it remains suitable and appropriate to the work of PMS Class and is continually improved.