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The PMS Class is committed to excellence in maritime professionals development in order to maintain and enhance its position as a proactive professionals. We aim to create a culture of maritime learning throughout where individuals take responsibility in partnership with us for their development. The PMS Class recognizes the need to develop its people so that they are fully equipped to deliver the PMS Class’s business objectives; both now and however they may change in the future.

Training Objective

To ensure that the PMS Class has people with the appropriate knowledge, skills and behaviours to meet its business objectives in both the short and longer term. And to allow our people to achieve their potential and career aspirations both within the PMS Class and the wider Maritime Field.

Training Aims

  1. To equip people with the technical skills required
  2. To provide leadership and management development to all managers within the Agency.
  3. To identify the development needs of the Agency and those of individuals and balance the two.
  4. To ensure that development needs are identified as part of the business planning process and reviewed regularly.
  5. To promote the use of the full range of development opportunities, ensuring that where a formal course is chosen it is the most appropriate solution.
  6. To ensure equality of access to all development opportunities.
  7. To provide career development for all.
  8. To provide personal and tailored consultancy services to help individuals and teams meet their needs.
  9. To provide effective induction for all new appointees and people moving jobs.
  10. To ensure the effective delivery of mandatory training e.g. Health and Safety, Equal Opportunities etc
  11. To ensure the appropriate skills are in place to deliver the e business strategy

Training Courses
PMS Class offers wide range of maritime training covering all rectified IMO conventions and instrumentation, whenever you seek a positive change in your company career please don’t hesitate and contact our head office to we can take care of your needs!