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Guidelines for ISM Audit

Please find attached guidelines for the preparation and the performance of an ism audit as well as a number of questions
which could be asked either by a third party or by an internal auditor (e.g. DPA. Safety Officer). Of course the auditor
could ask more questions, but according to our experience the questions provided attached cover the 90 %.

A. PREPERATION (few days before audit)

1. All the vessel’s certificates (issued by the administrations or by class) should be valid.
2. All officers’ original certificates and licenses including the medical certificate should be valid and on board the vessel.
3. All non-statutory diagrams and notices are provided on board, (e.g. Muster lists, station bills, standing orders etc.) should be signed and dated by the master, or the chief engineer, or the chief officer as required.
4. All vessels’ drawings should be listed for easy identification and they should have the correct ship’s name. (This is particular important if the ship is second hand).
5. All safety management system documentation (manuals) should be the current one and the latest changes should have been incorporated in all copies. All old editions should be destroyed.
6. The filling system should be in accordance with the company’s administration manual
7. The master and the chief engineer should verify that they have issued the proper standing orders, which are countersigned by all deck and engineer officers respectively.
8. The safety committee meetings are scheduled and conducted as per company’s requirements (e.g. At least one  per month), and the minutes of the meetings are up to date and objective evidence that any outstanding points are being taken care by shore or ship management, should be noted.

To read more please click on the below link;

Guidelines for ISM Audit